Where Can I Get A Lexington Root Canal?

Deep dental decay; faulty crowns; a crack or chip in your tooth. Any one of these situations can result in irreversible damage to the inside nerve supply of your teeth. When it comes time to address such a problem, you are going to want a skilled dentist experienced in performing Lexington root canal therapy. Dr. Jon D. Smith is a talented practitioner with a well-established reputation for excellence in the Midlands of South Carolina. Making use of sophisticated techniques and technology, Dr. Smith will keep you comfortable while he administers your root canal treatment with precision and a gentle touch.

Lexington Root Canal

Housed underneath the pearly white enamel, and the sublayer of dentin lies a central chamber that contains the blood vessels and nerve supply of the tooth called the dental pulp. These connective tissues are sensitive and susceptible to infection when something goes awry. Extensive dental decay or a traumatic injury can lead to irreparable damage to the dental pulp. When this occurs, it is good to have a dentist that you can have trust just a phone call away. Dr. Smith has helped countless patients restore their smiles to health with Lexington root canal therapy. He will first extract the infected tissue from the interior of the tooth, then clean and sanitize the inner canals before sealing them with an inert material to prevent subsequent reinfection. You can depend on Dr. Smith to keep you well informed, comfortable and at ease during treatment.  

Depending on the extent of the damage to the tooth, either a direct filling or crown will be used to reestablish its structural integrity. With skill and experience in restorative care, Dr. Smith provides beautiful dental restorations that will blend seamlessly with your smile. If you have been told you require a Lexington root canal treatment, call our office today to schedule an appointment.


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