Where can I find a Dentist in Lexington?

At Southern Shores Dental, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and methods of care to help patients enjoy the benefits of healthy and beautiful smiles. Our comprehensive program of preventive care includes a range of services to help patients of all ages protect the health of their smiles. As per the recommendations of the American Dental Association, we encourage semi-annual checkup visits with our dentist in Lexington to help you and your family maintain optimal oral health.

Dentist in Lexington

While tooth decay and gum disease are the two most common problems affecting the oral health of adults and children, both are almost entirely preventable. For the most part, all it takes is for patients to eliminate any accumulations of dental plaque, which is a sticky film that contains the bacteria responsible for dental disease. While brushing, flossing and limiting your intake of sugary foods are important steps towards protecting your teeth against the detrimental effects of a buildup of plaque, something more is needed. Since plaque can also hide out and harden in difficult to reach areas between the teeth and gums, periodic professional teeth cleanings are essential.  During a biannual teeth cleaning, we thoroughly clear away any plaque, tartar and debris you may have missed while brushing. Your periodic visits for routine care also allow us to guide you on better techniques for maintaining excellent oral hygiene at home. At routine checkup visits, we also perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums and the supporting bone structure, assisted by digital imaging technology, as needed. As your dentist in Lexington, we not only provide preventive care, but look to diagnose any harmful conditions early in their onset,  which typically allows for the most straightforward and effective course of treatment.

With a compassionate, experienced dentist in Lexington, it’s easier and stress-free for you and your family to keep up with periodic checkups.  At Southern Shores Dental, we prioritize your oral health and are committed to making every visit a positive experience. To learn more about the many services that we provide as well as our comprehensive program of preventive care or to schedule an appointment for car, call today.

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