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Dentist in Lexington

Lexington Dentist

Are you looking for a reliable dentist in Lexington that can transform your dream of a Hollywood smile into reality? Dr. Jon D. Smith is a well-respected leader in cosmetic dentistry who has sown a reputation of excellence in the Midlands of South Carolina. With years of experience under his belt and leading-edge technology at his fingertips, he delivers top-notch dental care that is hard to come by. Dr. Smith has helped countless patients achieve a more luminous smile and he is confident he can do the same for you. As one of our most popular options, our high-quality porcelain veneers will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile and give you the confidence necessary to reach your full potential.

Dentist in Lexington

At Dr. Jon D. Smith Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, LLC, you can expect to receive the individualized attention you deserve. We’re committed to providing every patient with a high-quality dental experience where their needs and concerns are carefully addressed. We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment of your oral health and draft a smile makeover plan that yields the dazzling results you’ve been looking for. As a leading dentist in Lexington, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our dental work. Our veneers are fabricated out of the highest-grade dental porcelain available. This premium material has a translucent quality that reflects light the same way real teeth do, lending our veneers a remarkably natural appearance. They’re also quite durable and stain resistant, making them a great long-term investment in a beautiful smile.  The best part is veneers are incredibly convenient. Only a few short visits to our office is required and only minimal teeth preparation is needed beforehand.

Dr. Jon D. Smith’s comprehensive smile makeovers have solidified his position as a leading cosmetic dentist in Lexington. He’s helped countless patients enhance the aesthetic appeal of their teeth and improve their self-confidence. Don’t wait any longer to achieve the smile of your dreams, call today to schedule an appointment.


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